April 19, 2012

I’m glad I’m not famous because there would paparazzi pics all over the internet of me walking from albertons to my house holding a big bag of Rold Gold pretzels like a baby. 

August 3, 2011
My Fake Facebook Birthdays

DAvid Plotz writes about What happened when he celebrated his Facebook birthday on July 11. And July 25. And July 28. (When, in fact, his birthday is January 31). 

July 20, 2011
This. Is. Amazing.

This. Is. Amazing.


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June 25, 2011

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June 11, 2011


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June 10, 2011

this is interesting.

This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day: To promote Nico Muhly’s Two Boys — “a new opera that lifts the lid on the dangers of living our lives online” — the English National Opera sent out an actor to perform familiar Facebook and Twitter actions IRL.

Unfriendilarity ensues.

Bonus: Why he went into John Snow holding a sign saying he was “interested in men.”

[parterre / tnw.]

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April 13, 2011
Dear People of the Internet,

YOUR is very different from YOU’RE.


Your shirt is ugly.

(You own the shirt; it is your ugly shirt)

You’re a piece of shit.

(You are a piece of shit)

Look at these a-holes:

Names/Pictures blurred as a courtesy…

April 1, 2011
The importance of literacy. 

The importance of literacy. 

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March 16, 2011

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